All Hail The Fair Maiden

The Birth of the Fair Maiden

Since its formation in 525BTE, the people of Nomastad grew by the thousands. Nomadic tribes throughout the plains heard of the haven by the Black Mountain, and travelled many miles to find refuge from the uncivilized wilderness. The Ragtha’ar presided over the nation and as the founding tribe they found themselves separated from the rest by a sense of status and nobility. Generation after generation, the once fierce Children of the Wolf traded their ferocity for birthright and entitlement which thwarted Nomastad’s prowess overall.

By 100BTE, other nations had formed and began to follow in the footsteps of Nomastad. To the East, Volantis was the first nation to form after Nomastad, followed by Ogden to the west. Their proximity to Nomastad provided unique opportunities for the people of each nation, and at first the borders were not too distinct. King Demetrius of Nomastad urged the other rulers to require proper documentation of citizenship and landownership to make sure each nation knew its position in Glavvant. This created some turmoil in the nations and Ogden separated into Ogden, Obramore and Maipan. As the borders pushed further north, more nations stepped forward to claim sovereignty. This included Teadia, Xezzimidi, and Praba.

When the lines were finally finished being drawn, 100 years had passed. King Tarmut of Nomastad invited the seven other nations to a summit at Stonewolf Castle, the royal castle of Nomastad built at the foot of the Black Mountain centered around the Stonewolf itself. He proposed a pact between all eight nations which would serve to establish peace, trading agreements, and open diplomatic relations between the eight. Although begrudgingly at first, the rulers of each nation came to a consensus and thus The Alliance of Eight was formed.

South of Volantis there were four nations that were not invited to the summit, Ibatesh, Pharenth, Dredor and Taivodor. These nations were not traditionally ruled as were the Eight. Ibatesh was a nation of barbarian orcs ruled by a chiefdom who refused to make deals with humans. Pharenth, though hardly a nation, was a drow commune ruled by a powerful Priestess of Lolth. Dredor was an elven city nation located in a forest afoot the Drurin Mountains which served as a buffer between the drow and the rest of Glavvant. Taivodor was a fractured group of dwarves who gave up their lives as miners in the Drurin Mountains in 300BTE to establish maritime trade with other dwarves across the Sea of Durron.

When word of the formation of the Alliance of Eight reached the southern nations, the orcs of Ibatesh were concerned most of all. They worried that the humans of the north would begin to push south and conquer their lands. Before any such thing could come to pass, the chief ordered immediate militarization of all able bodied males. They gathered their troops aboard ships and sailed across Nobrec Bay. They climbed the Black Mountain, bringing with them golems made of stone and iron. When they reached the top, they delivered an attack unlike any the world had seen before. Golems fell from the sky into the towns, pummeling buildings and crushing people as they made their way to Stonewolf Castle. From atop the mountain the orcs unleashed their siege weapons, sending barrels full of firestone which erupted into fireballs as they broke through the castle walls.

King Tarmut made a last stand against the orc oppression, armed with a silvered broadsword and mithral armor and accompanied by 100 Ragtha’ar warriors. But their attempt was no match to the orc attack, and so Stonewolf Castle fell. From the top of the mountain, the orc chief called for the attention of the people fleeing the cities below. He ordered the desecration of the Stonewolf, the most sacred site of the Ragtha’ar and of the people of Nomastad. Multitudes of orcs spat and pissed on the statue while they laughed and danced. Those lucky enough to make it out alive found refuge in neighboring kingdoms, but their lives were not the same. The people of Nomastad found themselves begging for scraps, and wandering the fields in search for any available work. Few made enough money to feed their families, and their presence was generally unwelcome everywhere they went, all the while the orc chief and his men engorged themselves on the remaining food stores of the castle.

The people of Nomastad were crushed physically and mentally, but among them the blood of the Ragtha’ar still flowed. A man by the name of Darvin, direct descendant of the Ragtha’ar, called a meeting of the Alliance of Eight in the name of the Kingdom of Nomastad. He pleaded with the Alliance for a modest militia from each kingdom and enough weapons to furnish the remaining Nomastad men so that together they could take back their homeland. The kings of the nations were not eager to send their men to fight a foreign war, but the cost of maintaining soup houses and orphanages for the refugees of Nomastad was too great, and so they obliged.

Darvin rallied the people of Nomastad that had been scattered across the seven kingdoms and called out to them.

“Men of Nomastad, Children of the Wolf! Your daughters and wives have been raped and murdered, your sons and your fathers have been killed by the barbarian horde! And now you sit in squalor, begging for a piece of bread and a hole to die in! Do not let these fiends befoul your land also! Your land is the fairest maiden of all! She has given life to your fathers, your mothers, your children and now asks that you give her yours! All hail the fair maiden! Put down your beggar’s cup and put up your shields! Take off those tattered rags and put on your armor! The beasts will know our name today, but we will not let them speak it, for when they open their mouths to scream their tongues will be ripped at their base! Our swords will mark their tombs from here to Ibatesh! All hail the fair maiden! All hail Nomastad!”

Altogether 10,000 men gathered at the foot of the Black Mountain, and together they fought to take back Nomastad. The battle lasted twenty grueling days. The orcs had used most of the provisions in the castle, so they couldn’t hold out any longer. With a thunderous crash, the castle gate was breached and the orcs were slayed, all but one, the orc chief. Darvin himself tied the orc chief to the top of the mast of an orc ship and sailed across Nobrec Bay to Ibatesh. He sounded a horn at the shores of the capital and many orcs came to the beach to watch their chief burn on the mast as Darvin paddled back with a smile across his face.

Darvin was proclaimed king of Nomastad, and when the kingdom recovered he made sure to pay back the Alliance for all they had done. His reign lasted until 60 ATE and in that time Nomastad regained its old glory and reclaimed its position at the head of the Alliance of Eight.

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