The Legend of Deva and Glavvant

This is the story Glavvant, the Cardinal Spirit of the South, formed during the Great Creation, father to the Twelve and provider of life.

In the Beginning the Great Creator who moves among stars and crosses freely between planes, saw that in the Material Plane there was incomparable chaos and turmoil, so he asked Deva, the Sky Beacon, what he could do to provide guidance in the world. “Great Creator,” replied Deva, “all material lacks direction. All substances move in disarray, aimlessly through the waters. You must direct it so order may find foothold in the Material.” And so on the night of the Equinox of Ches the Great Creator formed Vagarath, the Spirit of the North; Durron, the Spirit of the East; Zamora the Spirit of the West; and Glavvant, the Spirit of the South. The Cardinal Spirits brought order to the Material Plane, and allowed for matter to align itself which led to the formation of the beasts which dwell in the sea. Each year to follow, during the Equinox of Ches, the Four Cardinal Spirits emerged from the waters to dance in the brightness of Deva as she pulled at the tides to dance alongside them.

Glavvant would look forward to every Equinox of Ches most of all because he had fancied Deva in all of her radiant beauty since he first came to be, and unbeknownst to him she fancied him too. Some years, the Sky Beacon would shine as bright as her father Ravi, the Ancient. But one year, Deva’s light was a slim glimmer, a speck amongst the stars. Vagarath, Durron and Zamora were disappointed at her lackluster appearance, and quickly went back in the water. Glavvant however, stayed at the surface and raised his voice to the Beacon.
“Deva, Sky Beacon amongst the stars, wherefore art thou in mourning?” shouted Glavvant.

“Glavvant, son of the Great Creator, Cardinal Spirit of the South, I mourn for eternal is my loneliness. I’ve but one night to delight in thy presence, and the rest to delight in it no more.”

“Oh Deva, to stay with you would give me great joy, for the waters are deep, cold and empty, but with thee I’m never alone. Let me stay with you through the Winter, and perhaps even through Spring. For thee I would even succumb to the fire of the Ancient when Summer is here,” pleaded Glavvant.
“I could never ask that of you, oh Glavvant. The Ancient is cruel and would surely destroy you even in Springtime.”

“Teach me oh Sky Beacon, how dost thou manage to retain thy beauty through the Ancient’s aggression?” asked Glavvant.

“My father created me with an exterior of stone, one strong enough to resist his wrath. You came from the Great Creator himself, the power you seek is within thee. Seek your innermost connection to him and you will find it.”
Glavvant focused his energy, and concentrated deeply on the words of the Sky Beacon. Surely as she had said, the fount of magic within him poured out of his soul and spilled across the waters. His spirit form began to take physical shape, and so Glavvant turned to stone.

“Glavvant my beloved, speak swiftly I pray.” cried Deva, but Glavvant remained quiet and still. Deva pulled at the tides, as much as she could, but Glavvant never stirred. The days would go by and Deva found no solace, she knew that if she had only kept quiet, she could at least see Glavvant once a year. Ravi saw the devastation in Deva, and sought to destroy Glavvant for causing her so much misery.

“Father, forgive this Spirit, for what he did he did for me. When I was alone in the darkness of night, t’was he the only one who came to my aid. Do not punish him, I beg you, the tears I weep are because of love.”
Ravi felt deeply for his daughter, and instead of his wrath, he provided mercy for Glavvant. He used gentle warmth to try to bring Glavvant back from the stone, but nothing he did worked.

“I’m sorry my daughter, but this Spirit is gone, I’ve failed thee my Deva, I’ve failed terribly so.”

Yet Glavvant was not dead. Deep below the rock surface something began to change. Moss sprouted through the cracks, and roots moved within the calluses, and in time Glavvant grew lush with life, thanks to the nurturing warmth from Ravi.

“Glavvant, my beloved, you’re not dead as I’d dreaded, but are living through the stone. You are giving life to the lifeless, and giving me a new hope!” sighed Deva one night.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes made Glavvant their new home, and although Glavvant remained quiet, Deva wasn’t alone. During the Equinox of Ches, when the Spirits would rise to the surface, Deva paid no attention to them and instead communed with the owls on Glavvant, who preferred her company the most.
The Spirits felt jealous of Glavvant, so they reached out to Deva.

“Oh great Sky Beacon, give us the power to sprout life as our brother Glavvant!” they cried to Deva.

But Deva was not kind to them, as they had not been kind to her when she had felt weak and alone and she devised a plan to punish them.

“You may all take part in the gift I have given Glavvant, but not all three at once. Zamora, come to me on the Solstice of Kythorn; Durron, come to me on the Equinox of Eleint; and Vagarath, come to me on Solstice of Nightal; only then will I tell each of you where to find the fount of power you seek.”

And so Zamora did as Deva commanded, and emerged on the Solstice of Kythorn and became stone. When the Ancient approached, so did Zamora’s punishment for mistreating his daughter. The hellish flames of Ravi were at their strongest then and so Zamora became a lifeless land of brimstone.

Durron emerged on the Equinox of Eleint and he turned to stone, just as Zamora had done, and although the Ancient did not punish him as much as he had punished Zamora, his surface became arid and the stones broke away into infinite pieces and so Durron became a death-ridden desert.

Vagarath emerged on the Solstice of Nightal and she turned to stone, but for her there was no punishment of fire from the Ancient. The Ancient had grown weary, so he took away the heat from his flame. Thus Vagarath became an icy desolate wasteland.

And so it was that Deva the Sky Beacon and Glavvant the Spirit of the South were together forevermore.

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