Session 1


King Marthros the Benevolent, ruler of Nomastad and  Supreme Chancellor of the Alliance of Eight is the most popular ruler Nomastad has ever had, and although he is capable, he has seen it unfit for one man to rule over so many. He has decided to form a High Council which will preside over the decisions that would have otherwise fallen on him. He called forth fit candidates to fill certain positions, and the adventurers answered the call.

They arrived at Stonewolf Castle and were introduced to the King, who allowed them to swear allegiance to Nomastad, the Alliance and its people in order to fulfill the roles of the High Council. The ceremony ended and the adventurers introduced themselves and quickly began networking with those in attendance. They had some free to time to explore Saarnia and were able to discover some of its secrets. They quickly realized that their presence was not welcomed by certain citizens of Saarnia and that the people were perhaps less inclusive than their ruler.

With the exception of Tepot who went directly to the temple to pray to his god, the adventurers discovered the existence of two secret conflicting organizations, The Hidden Sigil and The Silver Dawn. The Silver Dawn opposes the Alliance in matters of magic, and seeks the establish freedom for spellcasters to practice magic as they see fit, while The Hidden Sigil works with the Alliance and maintaining regulations and laws prohibiting the use of certain types of magic. The barkeep at the Half-Full Mountain identified himself as a member of the Silver Dawn, who is looking for new recruits.

Additionally, Rhogar met with Boris, the armorsmith, and discovered that armor and weapons are being funneled into Volantis. Boris believes that the equipment is not being used for the protection of the Alliance as intended, but is rather being sold back to the citizens of the Alliance by the people of Volantis. He would like the adventurers to discover the truth behind this issue, and if they do so he promised cheaper prices and better quality goods.

The travelers all met together at lunch, but just missed the king who had a lighter meal than them and left the grand hall not feeling well. The grand hall had chairs set up for them, but two chairs were empty and without plate settings next to the king’s chair. On the walls there were three paintings, one of the King and possibly the queen and their daughter; one of King Darvin who took back Nomastad from the clutches of the orcs; and one of the first Ragtha’ar with a wolf at his feet.

After lunch, the adventurers fought bravely in a series of trials to establish themselves as members of the High Council and citizens of Nomastad. Dae used her ocarina to weaken the enemy’s defenses and boost the attack of her new comrades. Tepot called upon his god to provide healing as well as devastating blows. Rhogar took some time to find his groove in battle but discovered a potential within himself to deal catastrophic hits. Jarijah channeled his magic and time after time managed to rain flames upon the enemies. Oneshoe fought the beasts mano a mano by turning into a brown bear, and he clawed and bit his way through many foes. Together the group annihilated 3 boars, 4 tigers and a bulette . The crowd cheered for their new champions and the group gained favor in their eyes and perhaps a place in their hearts as the High Council of Nomastad.



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