Session 2.1

After a full day of investigation, the adventurers settled in for a quiet night at the High Council Chambers followed by a hearty breakfast in the morning. Dae returned from her diplomatic mission with the halflings and met everyone just in time for food but was casually accused of consuming all the grapes in the house even though she had been absent for a couple of days. She paid no heed to the accusations by Jarijah and informed the rest of the party of her mission to restore access to the city to halflings who had been prohibited from entering two weeks prior. During breakfast Rhogar was called to lead squads in military exercises while Tehpot was invited to the Temple of the Eight for a day of quiet meditation and fellowship with the other priests. Oneshoe, Jarijah and Dae felt an itch that could only be scratched by adventure so they decided to help the book seller Bali Twosky who had previously asked Oneshoe to find a book from her childhood in the wizard tower at Yliapisto.

The three adventurers went to the marketplace to find a carriage to Yliapisto, but instead were met with troubling news. Ryelly informed the adventurers that the city walls had been closed for a military exercise and were to remain closed until further notice. According to the soldiers, there was no reason to be fearful, but everyone should go about their business as usual. Ryelly was concerned that because of the closure there would be a scarcity of imported goods depending on how long the walls would remain closed. Already there was a scarcity of produce such as grapes and no one seemed to know when the wall would reopen. They left Ryelly, and Dae shared with her comrades the true purpose of her mission. Two weeks ago, the King closed access to the Halfling Underground Tunnel network, or HUT for short, due to a security breach within the city of Saarnia. The HUT connects all Glavvant and the King was afraid that a second breach could occur if the HUT became compromised. Dae reopened the entrances to the HUT within the city and so she proposed using the HUT to reach Yliapisto. Dae had spare passes that could only be used by halflings to chaperone non-halflings through the HUT.

Jarijah and Oneshoe agreed to use the HUT and together they reached an entrance through a sewer access in the street. The ladder in the access lead to a library room with a very peculiar bookshelf. The bookshelf was a doorway with a locking mechanism which was eventually deciphered by the adventurers and opened into the security checkpoint for the HUT. Oneshoe was clever enough to turn into a rat before the checkpoint so that Dae would only have to use one of her passes and he boarded Jarijah’s pocket for a free ride. An Alliance soldier requested a pass for Jarijah and an explanation of destination and purpose. Jarijah fumbled with an explanation about grapes, and Dae stepped in with a more believable explanation, that she had been hired by the drow wizard to escort him to Yliapisto so that he could learn at the wizard tower. The soldier was content with this explanation and allowed them to enter.
The passage lead them to the HUT, an unfathomably enormous underground city of halflings. Without a king and without a government, the halflings delighted in song and drink aplenty and the whole city was a party. As they traveled through the city Dae became curious at a particular song being sung by another bard:

“Worthag the vile, Worthag the nasty,
He comes to rape, and to eat all your pasty.
Worthag the fiend, Worthag the evil,
He’ll kill all your cattle, your sheep and your people.”

She asked the bard whose name was Jeppy what the song meant and Jeppy happily explained that the song was written by his grandfather Remmy the Rummy, the oldest halfling in all the HUT. The song was about Worthag, a vicious orc who destroyed the halfling cities above ground and forced them to live underground. Dae remembered the stories of the orc, but did not recall the name. The adventurers found Remmy by a fountain and asked him about Worthag and the song. Remmy shared that he and the orc were two of the oldest creatures in Glavvant. Worthag the Wolf Slayer was a frontline soldier during the infamous orc assault on Stonewolf Castle and has been a part of every major calamity brought upon by the orcs since then. He is the current chief of Ibatesh and is one of the most vile and despicable creatures to have ever been born. Remmy thought it was curious that the adventurers were asking about Worthag, considering that the Royal Guard of Nomastad had also been asking about him and three other people to ensure they hadn’t been seen or heard from in the HUT. The other three people mentioned were Corgak, Ashtarik, and Zamtaruk, all of which are orcish names. Before the adventurers continued on their quest to Yliapisto, Remmy gifted them a military propaganda poster from his youth, which featured a young Worthag wearing a wolf’s head on his shoulder representing his victory at Stonewolf Castle, and holding the heads of three kings, the king of Obramore, Ogden and Volantis whom he killed with a single swing of his murderous axe. At the bottom of the poster was written a message in orcish, which Oneshoe with the help of a spell read as “It is a good day to kill.”


The adventurers thanked Remmy and left for Yliapisto. Once more they reached a security checkpoint and reached the tunnel to the wizard tower. In the tunnel, they were ambushed by a band of bandits that were no match to the adventurer’s skill and the adventurers were able to make camp for the night after dealing with them. The next day they reached Yliapisto, a deserted wasteland filled with bones of creatures and monstrosities alike with a towering stone construction in the middle, circled by vultures surely awaiting a meal. The tower had branches containing chambers and it climbed high into the clouds. The adventurers entered the wizard tower after providing proof of magical ability. Dae did not perform well in the test and was not allowed to enter the higher chambers of the library, while Oneshoe performed adequately and Jarijah outshined his comrades. Jarijah entered the highest chamber and was able to reach a deep level of enlightenment by reading from one of the most sacred texts available in the library. Oneshoe found Twosky’s book but realized that taking it out of the library would be problematic. He attempted to throw it from the window and have Dae catch it, but a vulture grabbed it from the air and returned it to its place. Oneshoe realized that if he threw enough books out the window to occupy the vultures he could manage to get Twosky’s book to the ground, and even though the plan was risky, it paid off in the end and the adventurers made it out of the library with the book.

On their way out they were approached by a wizard who warned them about a necromancer who dwelt in Kynsion and attacked visitors to the tower at nightfall. The necromancer, whose name is Stipho Baetheon, had been banned from the tower for practicing dark magic and now he came at night and raised the dead to attack the spellcasters of the tower. The wizards could not leave the tower since they were bound by magic to protect it, but the power of the necromancer grew each day. The wizard requested that the adventurers deal with the necromancer, but he was not confident in their abilities. He suggested that they gain more experience and become more attuned with their skills so that they could challenge the necromancer and restore Yliapisto to its once beautiful state instead of the wasteland it is now. The adventurers understood and thanked the wizard for his advice.

They traveled through the HUT and returned to Saarnia where they met Bali Twosky. She as absolutely delighted to have her book back and as promised she gave Oneshoe a book she had found while on his quest. When opened, the book reveals a riddle to only the reader which provides clues for achieving an objective. The riddle changes depending on who opens the book and what the reader’s objective is. Oneshoe was content with his reward, thanked Twosky and rejoined his friends at the High Council Chambers for the night. Rhogar and Tehpot were there waiting for their comrades, expecting tales of their travels.