S3: Field Report

Due to the commotion that occurred in the castle, Farmer Jo and Jemma found refuge in the inn and were happy to know that their expenses were paid for while they stayed there. Farmer Jo was a bit suspicious that a guard had to be appointed to him but was happy to have protection since the half-orcs had just invaded. Jemma, being poor, absolutely loved the inn and delighted herself to as many meat pies and ale as she could stuff into her gullet, almost forgetting that her husband was being tortured for potentially being a thief.

The two soldiers that went to investigate the incident in Taivas met with Governor Varto who had begun clean-up efforts of the Governor’s Manor. Varto explained to the guards that indeed Farmer Jo had caught some thieves stealing from his flock, but they all got away. Farmer Jo even came to Varto in the middle of the night wanting Varto to increase security measures so that the thieves don’t ever attempt to steal from Taivas ever again but Varto let him know that each farmer was responsible for their own farm, and if he wanted to increase security he should do it on his own. Farmer Jo was upset that he was not getting the support he needed and left, but he never mentioned that he had caught a thief. According to Varto, a mob formed the following morning outside of Farmer Jo’s barn, and he kept yelling about making an example of someone so that all other thieves are deterred from returning. No one else in Taivas was willing to speak about the incident and they all claimed that what Farmer Jo was doing was not wrong, since they almost immediately saw a decrease in unlawful behavior.

While the two soliders distracted the famers of Taivas, three other soldiers snuck into Farmer Jo’s barn and released the alleged thief. He insisted that he had not done anything wrong and that he had simply followed the thieves from Obramore to see how they were making money so quickly in Ogden. He followed the thieves all the way to Taivas, but once they were caught he hid in the hay and waited until the farmers stopped looking. He waited for so long that he fell asleep and was found in the hay by Farmer Jo in the morning. He did not want any more issues so he gladly followed the soldiers back to Saarnia.

In Ogden, Ambassador Pilago informed their magistrates that a man from Ogden had been involved in some illegal activities and was caught by a citizen of Nomastad but was being illegally detained. The farmer was under custody of a guard and the man from Ogden was to be collected from his imprisonment and brought in front of the High Council to determine the nature of his involvement in the illegal activity. The magistrates of Ogden were very pleased to know that their citizen was being given due process but would prefer if the man was extradited to Ogden since he is not a citizen of Nomastad. Ambassador Pilago, knowing the wishes of the High Council, let the magistrates know that because the crime was committed in Nomastad, the court in Nomastad would render the verdict but would not treat the man any different than if he were a citizen of Nomastad. The magistrates were content but told Ambassador Pilago that they would keep a close eye on the case, and if due process was not served they would seek retribution against the court of Nomastad.

The trial was scheduled by Chester the bailiff to occur a week after the initial hearing, once the man from Ogden is brought to Saarnia, Ambassador Pilago returns from Ogden, and all troops return to the barracks.