Session 4


For three days the kingdom of Nomastad fell into mourning, as is customary for the passing of a member of the royal family. The death of King Marthros shocked the entire world, and many began to speculate what the future held for the leadership in Nomastad and the Alliance of Eight. While the city was in mourning, Morday, Oneshoe and Tehpot wandered the deserted streets. Only the pubs and the temple were open as people need to find comfort in times such as these. Jarijah and Rhogar did not leave the High Council Chambers but instead meditated. The two did not know it yet but a huge burden had been placed on their shoulders after the death of King Marthros and their leadership skills would soon be put to the test. Tehpot and Oneshoe walked together to the temple and met with Priest Ethell Twilightmantle in private about potentially joining Ethell’s faction, The Iron Gate. Oneshoe knew that it was crucial for him to make more allies, so he visited the Gilded Boar to meet with Saerodor Windsplitter, who invited him to join his faction also, The Silver Dawn. Morday sought not the temple but the bar and met with Thali Threeflare of the Stunted Inn. Thali was very eager to speak with Morday and convinced him to consider her faction, The Scarlet Vulture. Each of the three adventurers had to prove their commitment to their respective causes based on the faction they were interested in, and so they returned to the High Council Chambers to further consider their prospects for affiliation.

Once they settled in for the evening, Oneshoe approached Madame Tartruse and asked her if she knew of any romantic consorts located within the city. Madame Tartruse revealed the location of a whore house located near the Gilded Boar, cleverly called the Gilded Whore by frequent visitors. The lady in charge happened to be none other than Madame Tartruse’s sister, Madame Chartruse. Oneshoe did not visit the whore house on this night, but the thought alone of the existence of a whore house delighted and aroused him thoroughly. The next morning the three adventurers woke to find that the king had left behind private messages for them. As a matter of fact, the king had left private messages for all five adventurers but because Rhogar and Jarijah continued to meditate and prepare for their roles in the kingdom they were not privy to those messages. The messages informed each of the adventurers of their roles now that the king was gone and with heavy hearts they each accepted their position of greater power, leading the people of Nomastad.

Suddenly a knock at the door disrupted breakfast and through persistent force Urin the half-orc burst through the door, without breath and with urgency. Through mumbled words in between breaths he informed the adventurers that he had found the princess and she was being kept captive at a tower in the Joki Forest. Quickly the adventurers gathered their things and jumped in Urin’s leather wagon and asked Urin what he had seen.  Urin mentioned that he had seen a caravan of orc wagons trudging through the thick trees and he followed them deep into the Joki forest. He heard the voice of the princess as she struggled in her binds, a voice he could not mistake since he spent many a day listening to her sing to the children at the orphanage. The orcs carried her into a windowless tower near Lake Sonni. Urin . Along the way, they went through the bohemian city of Tornia, and the suburbs of Sonni, past the desert of Kynsion where the wizard tower lies visible to the East and through the dense trees of the Joki forest. Urin warned the adventurers that the orcs he had seen were unlike the brutes that attacked the city days before, but rather magically inclined orcs who performed disturbing rituals to their demon gods.

As the adventurers approached the tower they came across the war wagons of the orcs. Urin warned the adventurers that war wagon horses are easily spooked hence why they double as alarms when on the road. With the help of Oneshoe’s magic, the adventurers moved silently past the horses and approached the tower, where the orcs had set up camp. Morday crossed the campsite and entered the tower with expert stealth and analyzed its first chamber. While he looked, Urin’s clumsiness got the better of the group and he alerted the orcs who came out of their tents and began to search for the source of the noises. That is when Urin once more stepped where he shouldn’t have stepped and crushed a bird with his foot, which caused the orcs to run towards Urin. One orc got close to Oneshoe, Tehpot and Urin, and although Oneshoe and Tehpot would have preferred stealth to strength, Urin seized an opportunity for a swift strike and he vanquished the orc. Oneshoe and Tehpot continued to hide amongst the trees, and Urin, realizing that he had compromised the mission, led the other orcs back to his wagon, where they were eventually outmatched by the half-orc.

Meanwhile the three adventurers rejoined and tried to decipher the mechanism which blocked their way up the tower. Urin returned after having tied the orcs with his finest leather straps in his wagon. In their frustration, they went back to the wagon to speak to the orcs, only to find out that the orcs had turned into men. One of the men was conscious but confused, bewildered as to where he was and what he was doing. Last he remembered he was fighting off an orc invasion in his village, and now he was dressed as one of them inside a leather wagon. He begged and begged to be set free, as well as his companions, and the adventurers eventually let the men free. The adventurers returned to the tower and through some investigation they found the secret code to a door in the ceiling amongst tombs of deceased men whose souls were trapped in the bodies of imps. The adventurers freed the souls of the men and entered the second chamber of the tower. With the secret code in hand they quickly made their way to the third and final chamber of the tower where they were met with a disturbing site. A blasphemous altar stone painted in red sat in the middle of a black room. An orc witch approached from the shadows and evocated a spell which took possession of Urin. Urin swung his axes violently, striking anything in its path. The adventurers subdued the witch and restrained Urin, and after the magic faded the witch turned into the princess who fell unconscious.

Oneshoe and Tehpot nabbed a piece of the red altar stone that laid in pieces after the fight and took it back to Nomastad with them to show the Priest of the Temple that they truly believed in the Eight and would go to great lengths to destroy false altars of foreign gods. On their way back, Mortay paid a visit to a group of disenfranchised nomads who dwelled in Tornia and offered them a place to live in Saarnia. They had been ostracized for their customs but Morday knew that if he wanted to join the Scarlet Vulture, he would have to prove that he stood for what they stood for. The nomads, who comprised of twenty men, women and children, jumped aboard the war wagons which the adventurers had commandeered and the caravan made its way to Saarnia. Back in Saarnia, the princess was brought to the infirmary and the healers knew they could bring her back in a day’s time. Oneshoe and Tehpot successfully joined the Iron Gate faction after presenting the pieces of the altar to Ethell, while Morday joined the Scarlet Vulture and thankfully Saerodor agreed to host the nomads in his pub, where they could work and live indefinitely and hopefully further the cause of the Scarlet Vulture.