Behind The Screen

BEHINDTHESCREENThis page contains information and resources for other Dungeon Masters that I have implemented into my own campaign.


Whenever a party levels up, it always takes forever to pass the one or two handbooks around for the upkeep of each individual class. I’ve put together a Classbook for each class which includes a copy of the Player’s Handbook Section for each class as well as homebrewed material that I have personally curated from the many D&D subreddits and forums. I put each new Classbook into a presentation folder, and now class upkeep is a breeze.

Book Covers

Homebrewed Material

Barbarian Homebrew Bard Homebrew Cleric Homebrew Druid Homebrew
Fighter Homebrew Monk Homebrew Paladin homebrew Ranger Homebrew
Rogue Homebrew Sorcerer Homebrew Warlock Homebrew Wizard Homebrew

Dice and Token Organization

It’s important to keep dice and other gaming items organized. I use a tackle box to arrange my dice and other things for easy sorting and quick access. I use cheap poker chips with images and labels glued to each side as encounter tokens and they fit great in the tackle box.


DM Screen

Click on the image to see a cheap DIY DM screen build.