Session 7

With their energy replenished and their spirits lifted, the adventurers returned to the entrance of the cavern where they had faced the barghests. They knew in their hearts that the Queen must be inside considering how well guarded the entrance had been. The mouth of the cave was now deserted, but they carefully weaved through … More Session 7

Session 5 & 6

Since the events that transpired in Volantis, the adventurers realized that their team dynamic left much to be desired. The ettercaps would have ended them had they not lit the forest ablaze. Several days passed and the adventurers had a chance to regroup. Urin did not spend any time with them at the High Council … More Session 5 & 6

Session 4.1

The day after rescuing the princess the adventurers were greeted by Chester the Bailiff who informed them that the thief from Taivas had been brought in and was ready for a trial. Chester did not want a crowd to gather at the courthouse like last time so he wanted to keep the trial a secret … More Session 4.1

Session 4

For three days the kingdom of Nomastad fell into mourning, as is customary for the passing of a member of the royal family. The death of King Marthros shocked the entire world, and many began to speculate what the future held for the leadership in Nomastad and the Alliance of Eight. While the city was … More Session 4

Session 3

Since their nomination, the adventurers had not yet carried out their duties as the High Council. Their time had been occupied almost entirely with shaking hands and kissing babies to gain favor in the eyes of the citizens of Nomastad and make their presence welcomed. Their first day on the job began with an eventful … More Session 3

Session 2.1

After a full day of investigation, the adventurers settled in for a quiet night at the High Council Chambers followed by a hearty breakfast in the morning. Dae returned from her diplomatic mission with the halflings and met everyone just in time for food but was casually accused of consuming all the grapes in the … More Session 2.1

Session 2

After the trials the adventurers were greeted with the most deserving friendliness and helpfulness they could have asked for from the citizens of Saarnia, except from the royal guards, whose numbers seemed in increase as the day went on and whose reluctance to speak increased just the same. Captain Gerard did however promise Rhogar that … More Session 2

Session 1

King Marthros the Benevolent, ruler of Nomastad and  Supreme Chancellor of the Alliance of Eight is the most popular ruler Nomastad has ever had, and although he is capable, he has seen it unfit for one man to rule over so many. He has decided to form a High Council which will preside over the … More Session 1