Name Occupation Location Information
King Marthros King of Nomastad Stonewolf Castle The King has been acting strange since the beginning. He doesn’t eat, he doesn’t sleep and has been entirely preoccupied with the disappearance of the Queen and Princess. Does not approve of his daughter’s love interest.
Queen Venetta Queen of Nomastad ??? The Queen has been missing for the last 2 weeks.
Princess Zethriel None ??? The Princess has been missing for the last 2 weeks.
Captain Gerard Captain of Royal Guard Military Barracks / Castle Captain Gerard is the King’s right hand man, but acts very suspiciously and seems to be hiding more than he wants to admit.
Bali Twosky Book Seller Twosky’s Tomes Half-elf woman who wants a childhood book from the wizard tower in Yliapisto.
Burgula Dustshout Pit Master Fighting Pit Elf woman who doesn’t appreciate non-sense. She runs the fighting pit and keeps it running smoothly.
Saerodor Windsplitter Barkeep The Half-Moon Mountain Very old human, member of the Silver Dawn a looking for recruits. He can be a bit racist and will give discounted prices to humans, but not outsiders.
Frasaz Titansword Barkeep The Gilded Boar Middle aged dragonborn, member of the Brotherhood of the Just and looking for recruits. He wants the dragonborn to rise to power so that they can take back the land they once owned.
Ryelly Snakesore Guide Marketplace Old half-elf woman who knows a lot about the disappearance of the Queen and Princess. She is the last stop to most pieces of gossip from around Saarnia.
Boris Runshield Armorsmith Boris’ Breastplates Middle-aged human who prides himself in his craft. He doesn’t like that Volantis is exploiting artisans like himself and wants to make a living wage from his work.
Captain Stagbrace Captain of the Army Military Barracks Young halfling, member of the Order of the Wolf and looking for recruits. Stagbrace does not know much about the relationship between Cpt. Gerard and the King and he stays out of their dealings.
Ethell Twilightmantle Priest of the Eight Temple of the Eight Middle-aged half-elf, member of the Iron Gate and looking for recruits. As a chief priest, he is in charge of the Saarnia’s temple.
Kabir Sotzk Headmaster of the Orphanage Saarnia’s Home for the Orphaned and Abandoned. Middle-aged human, had a close relationship with the Queen and the Princess. He is very grateful for the food brought to the orphanage and willing to help.
Zamtaruk ??? ??? Princess Zethriel’s love interest. Possibly orc/half-orc. At odds with the King.